Sandbox Smart Coffee Roaster (Black) - R1

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Enjoy coffee; Enjoy life

Brewing coffee can be full of expectation;

Inspiration when tasting coffee brings creativity and ideas.

Skip the redundant flavor, does the coffee keeps it’s intentions and expectations of the farmer;

Flashback to your childhood, do you still remember how you used to soar in the unlimited fantasy?

Like every little coffee beans, we germinate from earth to ground;

from roasted beans to cup of coffee, what we brings to you is the path to eternity of imagination and flavors.

Sandbox Smart – We are group of coffee lovers with strong background in high-tech industry.

Our goals is to make our customer experience the convenience of everyday life through innovative smart home technologies. We focus on designing coffee roasting equipment that are suitable for home and professional use with simple APP.

Sandbox Smart R1 is our first hit and starting point, we believe soon you will experience the joy and the flavor which it brings.

Your Coffee, Your Choice!

Trendy, fashion, Home Roasting!


  • Model:Sandbox Smart R1
  • Product Dimensions:L25.5x H 26.0 x W23.0 cm
  • Batch Capacity:100g (0.22lbs)
  • Heating Method:Electric Heating
  • Voltage: 110V/220V
  • Power:600W
  • Drum Rotation: 30rpm
  • Drum material : 304 Food grade stainless steel
  • Product Weight:7 kg (15.5lbs)
  • Communication:Bluetooth