About Us

In 2010, WE Coffee Roaster started its journey to be a market leader in producing affordable coffee roaster machinery.

Our founder, Wiliam Edison, took a problem to find the perfect coffee roaster as a challenge to build his own roasting machine.

Combining his knowledge of coffee and his skills in machinery design, he assembled a roasting machine capable to produce the same quality like other high-priced brand in the market thereupon the ‘The Most Reliable Coffee Roaster in Indonesia’ was born.

With High Economic Value, the growth of coffee industry as a commodity that Indonesia is proud of is growing rapidly along with increasing number of consumer who enjoys high quality coffee.

At WE Coffee Roaster, we believe to produce high quality beans to support the cycle requires a right equipment and an extensive knowledge. This become our core values to produce high quality coffee roaster that is robust and highly efficient in energy consumption. We create sturdy and easy to operate machine that makes your experience in roasting like no other.

With various capacity options to cover different kind of needs, we've got it all.

In just a few years we’ve successfully made ourselves as a pioneer in producing reliable coffee roaster in Indonesia and heavily involve in export activity to more than 16 countries from South East Asia to Europe.

With determination to promote a better education we’ve tailored a comprehensive Coffee Roasting Education, a movement that brings us forward to curate a Coffee Academy with goals to bring prosperity in every aspect of Coffee Industry.

We believe every passion, if followed by perseverance will bring goodness in everything we do.

WE Coffee Roaster is more than a machine. It is a unity of passion, education, high function and build quality manufactured by Coffee Expert. Our Founder, Wiliam Edison, is a visionary, social innovator and a socialpreneur at heart who’s striving to make the community better and more sustainable. Along with innovative invention our Founder has stored for the future of the company, we are working along with local community to ensure we are striving forward as One, Indonesian Coffee Industry.

WE Coffee Journey

  • 2010

    One Bean Coffee & Roastery opened, the first Coffee Shop by WE

  • Mid 2010

    Trial & Error of First Coffee Roaster Prototype

  • 2011

    The First batch of W600i Coffee Roaster with 1kg Capacity was marketed

  • 2012

    W600i gained more public attention and played a significant role to help coffee Farmers

  • 2013

    W3100 with 3kg capacity was launched, followed by Machine with 6kg and 12kg capacity

  • 2015

    WE Coffee Roasting Class was first held and continuously mold coffee expert up until now

  • 2016

    Roadshow Roasting Class in various regions in Indonesia

  • 2018

    WE Coffee Lab officially founded as Showroom and a place Roasting Class were held

  • Mid 2018

    WE together with Suji Premium Handcrafted developed a portable roasting machine that have never existed before in Indonesia

  • 2019

    The first Mini Roaster, a collaboration of WExSUJI was officially launched

  • 2020

    20mL Coffee in Bali officially opened