Coffee Lab

WE Coffee Lab, Alam Sutera

Been around since 2010 and with successful experience, boundless passion along with enormous enthusiasm, Wiliam devoted himself to cultivate Indonesian Coffee Industry by opening WE Coffee Lab in Alam Sutera Tangerang on 2018.

The WE Coffee Lab built as Centre of Education for those who have passion to learn about Coffee Roasting Management started from choosing the perfect beans, sciences behind coffee roasting, hand-in roasting to cupping.

As part of our commitment to bring forward Indonesia’s Coffee Industry, on 2021 we are crafting our latest creation, WE Coffee Academy, which aims to mold qualified individuals to expand their knowledge in learning about Coffee. By collaborating with professional trainer and uses international curriculum, our desire through this education is to make Indonesian Coffee Industry recognized widely by the world.

With broad market demand on WE Coffee Roaster that comes from various region in Indonesia particularly, we have a showroom in WE Coffee Lab to display our roasting machine for those who want to know better firsthand and do testing.

20mL, Bali

20mL Coffee, Our name, as well as our philosophy, is derived from such a credo. It says about precision, perfection, and austerity in serving the truest form of coffee.

Born in 2020, 20mL coffee is a join passion project of our founders Wiliam Edison a well-known roaster builder and roasting expert with Kevin James a seasoned hotelier and business entrepreneur who joined Wiliam Edison Coffee Academy.

The two shared visions about bringing the utmost of Indonesian coffee Industry. It’s about presenting the coffee as a holistic system starting from green beans, roasting, brewing and the equipment used and putting forward Indonesian craftsmanship.

Their vision to introduce coffee as an experience and a journey that brings back the determination of Indonesian coffee farmer, producer and roaster.

Hence, we treat our coffee with passion, with absolute devotion and with undivided attention. From there, we invite you to experience and value Indonesian coffee and the progress involved. We are proud to share the very best from Indonesia.