FAQ W3100 / W3100 IR / W6100 / W6100 IR / W12k IR

How much is the total of electricity consumption in the 3kg, 6kg, 12kg machines?

W3100/W3100 IR : 380Watt

W6100 / W6100 IR : 790 Wat

W12k IR : 1.848 Watt

IR or Infrared, Is it true that the usage of infrared costs so much of electricity consumption?

We use an infrared burner with a gas heat source, not the one from electricity.

Is there any automatic system built in machines starting from 3kg and up ?
Not equipped with a roasting automation system.
Is it possible to modify it into an automated roasting system ?
It won’t be possible.
Is it possible to connect the machine to ARTISAN software ?
Our machines are integrated with ARTISAN Software.
Is it any other available color?
Only black color available.
Is there any warranty for the machine ?
Warrant Coverages :
  • The warranty period is valid for 1 year from the date the product received which must be proven by the date stated on the invoice and warranty card.
  • The warranty covers repair or replacement of parts that are damaged due to manufacturing error.
  • The warranty only applies if the claim is supported by a purchase invoice and warranty card
  • Warranty does not apply if :

  • The purchase passed one year warranty period
  • Consumer negligence, including use that is not in accordance with its designation
  • Damage arising from services performed by parties other than WE Coffee Roaster
  • Unboxing video are not included for missing engine part claims
Is it true that an infrared burner must be replaced after 1 year of usage ?
IR burner replacement is not needed if the burner still works as normal. However, regular maintenance will be needed.
Is there any spare part available ?
Engine spare parts are available and sold separately.
I am using a fire burner, why does the fire seem like flying ?
Possibly the flying fire is caused by gas pressure that is too high or the fire burner is dirty/clogged. We would recommend you to contact our technician.
What is the ideal number on the panel for the rotation of drum speed and airflow?

The Ideal number would be
Drum Speed on Panel : 7
Airflow on panel : 6-9
What is the drum material made of and what is the thickness?
Mild Steel Solid Drum with 6mm Thickness
How many times can we roast in 1 day ?
Assuming 3 batches per hour times 8 working hours is 24 batches depends on the machine capacity
How long does it take to roast per batch ?
10 to 16 minutes per batch
Can we roast coffee beans exceeding the maximum capacity of the machine ?
Not recommended as the result will not be optimal.
Is it possible to add my own Roastery Logo on the machine ?
Not possible at the moment.
MAINTENANCE W3100 / W3100 IR / W6100 / W6100 IR / W12k IR
How to do maintenance on machines with 3kg capacity and up ?

Body & Cooling Bean

  1. Disassemble, check and clean airflow parts such as fans, dynamo, and power supply. For airflow and fan should be cleaned by washing and brushing.
  2. Clean the shaft and checker by washing and brushing.
  3. Check the bearing, then apply grease by pumping it with a stamp tool.
  4. Open the chain cover to check the condition of the chain, then apply oil or lubricant.
  5. Check the function of the dynamo.
  6. Check the panel to ensure engine functionality such as PID, on/off power, drum speed, airflow speed, lighter and lamp .
  7. Check the internal panel of cables such as MBC, power supply and blower fan.
  8. Check the drum and make sure its condition is good, clean the burner stove (Infrared or regular burner) using a hand blower.
  9. Check the manometer and the yellow pipe line connected to the stove.
  10. Check the door to drop roasted beans and make sure the lever is working as normal.
  11. Disassemble the cooling bin and agritator to clean using vacuum cleaner.
  12. Clean all surfaces of the machine using a hand blower and use damp cloth and then dry cloth to clean it.