FAQ W600i/ W600i SE

Does SE mean it is a secondhand or pre-owned machine ?

SE or Second Edition Is a new upgraded version of the previous W600i

How many kilos of coffee can W600i/W600i SE roast in a day ?

W600i/W600i SE has a maximum roasting capacity of 1.2kg per batch, assuming 3 batches per hour times 8 working hours is 24 batches or 24kg per day.

What is the minimum and maximum capacity of the W600i/W600i SE ?

Maximum capacity is 1.2kg/batch and minimum is 300grams/batch

What are the inclusions of W600i SE that are being sold on the website ?

Kelengkapan :
1 unit Body + Airflow (build in)
1 unit Cooling table
1 unit Manometer gas pressure gauge + hose connector Manometer to Engine Burner
1 unit Digital Thermometer (able to connect to Artisan Software & to Thermocouple to read bean temperature and drum temperature)
1 unit Cyclone
1 unit Aluminium ducting 2 inch (2 meter length)
1 unit Aluminium Ducting 4 inch (10 meter length)
Kelengkapan Tambahan :
1 pcs Drum Crank (For Manual Drum Spin)
2 pcs Klemp 2 inch
2 pcs Klemp 4 inch
2 pcs Thermometer Analog
1 Manual Book
1 Warranty Card

What is the drum material of W600i SE made of and what is the thickness ?

Drum made of SUS 304 perforated drum, with 2mm thickness

What is a perforated drum ?

Perforated drum means that the drum walls are perforated so that hot air from the fire can enter through the holes directly.

What is meant by indirect heat ?

Direct heat and indirect heat are the layout of the fire where direct heat is the location of the fire directly in contact with the dru, either a perforated drum or solid drum.
Indirect heat is the opposite. The location of the fire is not directly in contact with the drum.

Which one is better between a perforated drum and a solid drum ?

Every machine is designed in a way that the whole system of the machine is measured by its performance. Solid drum has heat insulating properties better than perforated drum, which is perfect for chasing batch of production, whereas perforated drum has the advantage of greater heat convection that will make profiling easier and burnt coffee can be avoided

What type of ignition does the W600i SE engine use ?

Blue flame burner axle.

Is it possible for the coffee beans to be burned while roasting using a perforated drum ?

No. The design of the burner stove is on the right side of the drum and the blade rotation of the machine is clockwise so the fire will gather on the front left side of the machine and avoid the direct contact between coffee beans and fire.
On another note, we suggest not to overload the machine to create a nice roasted coffee bean per batch..

What is the rotational speed of the W600i SE engine ?

72 rpm.

What are the advantages of using the W600i ?
  • Better heat insulation so that the heat is maximized
  • On/Off button which is equipped with an electric lighter.
  • Stainless perforated drum that will not make the coffee beans get burned easily.
  • Powerful dynamo that works silently.
  • Flexible airflow control.
  • Separate dirt and smoke reservoir.
  • Place to collect chaff.
  • Spacious and practical hopper.
  • Able to roast without electricity
  • Powerful cooling system that can cool down coffee beans in less than 2 minutes..
Does the W600i/W600i SE able to be connected to a laptop/integration into the ARTISAN software?
Yes. By using a compatible digital thermometer the Complete Center 301 which can be connected to ARTISAN Software
Does the purchase of W600i SE include the drain pipe ?
Include the flexible aluminium ducting 2 inches (2 meter length) and 4 inches (10 meter length)
Is the W600i SE included with the agritator ?

It is not equipped with agritator, however the cooling process is quite fast and approximately less than 2 minutes.

a. Would it be possible to have agritator as part of modification on W600i SE ?

Not yet, at the moment.
How much is the electricity and gas consumption of the W600i SE ?

Electricity consumption: Appx. 0,1kW
Gas consumption : Appx. 0,15kg/jam

Is there any other choice of color for W600i SE ?

Only black color available.

Would it be possible if I use W600i to roast nuts and chocolate ?
W600i is designed to roast coffee beans. We highly recommend not to roast anything other than coffee with this machine.
Is it possible to modify the burner into Infrared burner?
Infrared burner is currently unavailable for W600i SE or machine with 1kg capacity
Is it possible to replace the perforated drum in W600i SE to a solid drum ?
No. Solid drum is only available for machines with a capacity of 3kg and up.
Is the drum rotation of W600i SE adjustable ?
Not adjustable. W600i has high heat convection so the possibility of burning on the surface in roasting coffee is very minimal.
How is the application of grease on W600i/W600i SE ?
Grease should be applied once a month or after 25 batches of roasting using a stamp tool.
I just bought a W600i SE, but the manometer won’t go up / won’t come back to 0, what is the solution ?
It is usually caused by the gas pressure opening excessively and exceeding the limit of the manometer, it caused an overclock and the needle got stuck.
How to set 1kg correctly ?

How to install 2 inch aluminium ducting pipe to cyclone

The maximum installation distance between the cyclone and the air flow hole is 2 meters

How to attach a cyclone to a 4 inch aluminium ducting tape ?

The maximum installation distance from the outgoing cyclon is 10 meters.