How long is the warranty of WExSUJI valid for ?
1 year spare part warranty.
What is the capacity of the WExSUJI Mini Roaster ?
Minimum 60grams and Maximum 125grams
How much electricity is used ?
35 Watt
Can I use 3kg of gas and above ?
It will be possible when combined with low pressure.
How to maintain the WExSUJI Mini Roaster ?
Depending on the specific detail, our Customer Service will be more than happy to assist you.
Would it be possible to change the cover of WExSUJI into another color ?
It won’t be possible.
Is it possible to connect the Mini Roaster to ARTISAN software?
Yes, by using a compatible thermometer like Center 300.
Is it possible to use a manometer ?
Yes. Manometer is sold separately.
Who should I contact to report a problem ?
You may contact the address written on the warranty card.
Is it normal if the machine produces a sound when roasting ?
Further detail and troubleshooting will be needed.
How to apply grease on Mini Roaster ?
Grease can be applied using brush.
What is the drum material used in Mini Roaster ?
SUS 304 2mm solid drum.
How many times is the maximum roasting limit on 1 day ?
Recommended to roast batch by batch 6 times in a row, with a pause of 45 minutes and maximum 2 sessions.
How long does it take to roast 1 batch ?
10-16 minutes