Our Technician

With proven track record of plenty Roasting Machine already sold, WE Coffee Roaster is committed to provide a reliable customer care for every machine purchased.

Our after sales service is curated to ensure satisfaction and possibility for customer to get as much as possible out of their purchase.

  • For every machine purchased we provide easy claim warranty valid for 6 months and 12 months (based on machine purchased). This service includes spare part replacement caused by factory defect that should be identified on the day of item received.
  • Our highly skilled technician is available to make a visit within JADETABEK area.
  • Terms and conditions applied for service visit outside JADETABEK area.
  • Our technician able to provide a troubleshooting service via telephone or videocall.
  • Chargeable service is available for when the warranty has ended.


W600i/ W600i SE
Does SE mean it is a secondhand or pre-owned machine ?

SE or Second Edition Is a new upgraded version of the previous W600i

How many kilos of coffee can W600i/W600i SE roast in a day ?

W600i/W600i SE has a maximum roasting capacity of 1.2kg per batch, assuming 3 batches per hour times 8 working hours is 24 batches or 24kg per day.

What is the minimum and maximum capacity of the W600i/W600i SE ?

Maximum capacity is 1.2kg/batch and minimum is 300grams/batch

W3100 / W3100 IR / W6100 / W6100 IR / W12k IR
How much is the total of electricity consumption in the 3kg, 6kg, 12kg machines?

W3100/W3100 IR : 380Watt

W6100 / W6100 IR : 790 Wat

W12k IR : 1.848 Watt

IR or Infrared, Is it true that the usage of infrared costs so much of electricity consumption?

We use an infrared burner with a gas heat source, not the one from electricity.

Is there any automatic system built in machines starting from 3kg and up ?
Not equipped with a roasting automation system.
How long is the warranty of WExSUJI valid for ?
1 year spare part warranty.
What is the capacity of the WExSUJI Mini Roaster ?
Minimum 60grams and Maximum 125grams
How much electricity is used ?

35 Watt

Is there any warranty included?

Garansi spare part 1th kecuali burr.

Is it possible to change the burrs in the grinder ?
It is possible and the burrs are sold separately.
What is the grinding capacity of this grinder ?
Burrs are sold separately and ready stock.