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Papandayan is a mountainous area located in Garut Regency, West Java and is known as fertile land to grow coffee.

Located in the tropical highlands, Papandayan has the largest coffee-producing area in Garut, one of which is Arabica Coffee.

And one of the Arabica Coffee varieties that are widely grown and cultivated in this area is Yellow Bourbon.

Yellow Bourbon planted in Papandayan, Garut is the first generation brought directly by the Japanese population around the 1970s. At that time, many Garut coffee farmers did not want to cultivate Yellow Bourbon Because it was yellow and was considered a crop failure.”

But over time, Yellow Bourbon began to be actively cultivated and brought garut as the area that produces the best quality of Yellow Bourbon Coffee.

In the midst of various varieties of Arabica Coffee, Anton Ashari chose Yellow Bourbon to be cultivated because it is a single origin from Garut.

In addition, Yellow Bourbon is also included in the classic bean and has a larger bean size.

This Yellow Bourbon cultivation system utilizes organic and natural ingredients because it is more economical and prioritizes the production of coffee beans that have a certain quality.

This Arabica Yellow Bourbon coffee from Papandayan, Garut is labeled with the name of Good Impact Coffee.