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Along with the rapid growth of domestic coffee consumption in the last 5 years, it can be seen from the phenomenon of numerous coffee shops that have opened. From the coffee shop in the class of Starbucks Coffee or small coffee stand that we can find almost every corner of the city.

This situation encourages local coffee entrepreneurs to be more creative in offering their products to customers, one of which is to maximize the result of coffee roasting which greatly affects the cup of coffee we consume.

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Activity In A Glance

Day 1 Coffee & Machine Fundamental

In the first meeting, participants will be introduced to the broad view of the coffee industry both in Indonesia and Internationally, understanding the basic and biological characteristics of each coffee bean species, selecting coffee beans according to SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) standards, roasting practices to find the intensity of the same beans and evaluate the roasting results.

  • Key Point Lesson :
  • Coffee 101
  • Green bean Fundamental
  • Principle pre-roasting
    • Pre-Roasting Safety Protocol
    • Heat Transmission
    • Roasting Technologies
    • Chemical alteration on Roasting Process
    • Determine Target Cup
  • Hands on Sample Roasting
    • How to operate machine
    • Level Roasting
  • Cupping Basic

Day 2 Intermediate Roasting

In the second meeting, all participants will be introduced to an overview of the roasting machine system along with the advantages of a roasting machine in a certain system, modulation of the roasting profile, explaining each roasting phase and its impact on the final result and evaluating the roasting profile carried out, as well as understanding in sorting good green bean vs bad green bean.

  • Technology in “Coffee Roasting” Industry
    • Roast Planning
    • Technology in “Coffee Roasting” Industry
  • Hands on roasting machine
  • Roasting Evaluation by Cupping


Day 3 Roasting for Perfection

In the third meeting participants will be introduced to various kinds of beans from different origins and participants will be given an understanding if they get remedial beans and how to handle these beans, blending to find good cups of espresso and tips for storing roasted beans and machine maintenance.

  • Hands on Roasting production for blending
  • Blending for perfection
    • Blending Basic
    • Blending for Espresso
  • Blending Evaluation
  • Post Roasting
    • Degassing
  • Packaging
  • Storage
What’s Included In The Class Fee


  • Green Beans for roasting and cupping practice
  • Comprehensive theory and practice session
  • Advanced Equipment to enhance practice experience
  • Material Book
  • Certificate
  • Lunch
  • Class will be held while adhering to Covid-19 Health Protocol
  • Roasting Apron
  • Cupping Spoon

Price :

  • IDR 5.000.000 Nett
  • Discount IDR 1.000.000Nett Valid for one person for every purchase of WE Coffee Roaster.

(Terms and Conditions Applied)

Terms and Conditions
WE Roasting class are eligible for 100% refund up to 14 days before the class mentioned date.
Between 7 to 13 days prior to the Roasting Class are eligible for 50% refund.
From 6 days prior to the Roasting Class mentioned date, it is nonrefundable but replaceable.

( participants will be advised to reschedule the Class to the next open batch.)