WExSUJI Kopi Kolaborasi Petani - Green Beans - Robusta Lahat, Sumatera Selatan

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Tanjung Sakti is the name of a sub-district located on the western border of South Sumatra, the southern part of Lahat Regency, at the foot of Mount Dempo and Mount Dingin in the south.

Even Though it is well known as coffee-producing area, the coffee shops in Tanjung Sakti and even Lahat as the city center, mostly use single origins coffee from other regions because there are still many coffee farmers who do not know how to process coffee, hence, they are not equipped with sufficient knowledge on how to improve coffee taste and the selling price. Almost all farmers, especially in Tanjung Sakti are currently still using the old harvest pattern, picking and selling coffee directly to middlemen.

Seeing this problem, Erentio Panngarbesi, one of the youths from Tanjung Sakti was moved to cultivate the post-harvest process of coffee from his coffee plantation.

The coffee he develops is robusta coffee, one of which is the most distinctive which is grown with a continuous cropping system in order to produce a large Robusta Coffee with a dense texture.

The picking process is done selectively. Only cherries that are fully red or fully ripe are selected so that the aroma and taste are firm.

He labeled this Red Picked Robusta Coffee from Tanjung Sakti as Kopi Bujang.