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With a total production capacity of 24 batches in 8 working hours, as well as an affordable investment value, this machine is perfect for those of you who are just starting a business in the roastery world and are suitable for roasting super premium coffee with small batches.

The latest edition of the W600i roasting machine, the W600i SE (Second Edition) is refined in many ways to be more powerful with the following main advantages:
1. Better heat insulation so that heat is maximized
2. On button /off equipped with an electric lighter
3. Stainless and perforated drum material so that the results are more even and the coffee doesn't burn easily (even though the drum has holes but the fire won't hit the coffee)
4. A more powerful and silent dynamo
> 5. Airflow control is more flexible
6. Separate dirt and smoke reservoir
7. Chaff/episkin container
8. More spacious and practical hopper
9. The engine can still function even power suddenly unavailable
10. More powerful cooling system. Cools coffee in +-2 minutes

Specification :
Model : W600i SE
Drum capacity : 1kg (Max. 1,2kg)/batch.
Type : Semi Direct Roast
Heat Resource : GAS (LPG)
Electric Lighter : Yes
Warming Time : 10 Minute
Roasting Time :10 – 20 Minute
Drum Thermometer : Yes (analog)
Bean Thermometer : Yes (analog)
Weight : 40 kg< br> Cooling bin : No
Roast Drum : Stainless Steel
Outside drum : Double Jacket with heat resistant layer.
Airflow Controller : Length : 38 cm & Diameter : 13 cm
Power : 12v, 3A
Dimensions (WxWxH): 81 cm x 33 cm x 71 cm
Mastech MS6514 : No
Drum Dynamo Electricity : 25 W / 220 V
Airflow Electricity : 30 W / 12 V (DC)