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Not only the potential for nature tourism, Lembang has the potential for extraordinary Arabica Coffee commodities.

One of them can be found in Batu Lonceng Village, Lembang District, West Bandung Regency. Geographicals conditions located in the tropical highlands, make most of the people livelihood as coffee farmers.

The coffee grown in Batu Lonceng Village is Arabica Coffee. The coffee produced in Batu Lonceng Village has a distinctive taste so there are 4 varieties of Arabica Coffee that are widely grown and cultivated, Mix, Typica, Tim-tim, and Sigarar Utang.

Coffee cultivation was brought directly by the Dutch Colonial Government. Relics from the Dutch Era. In 2008, the community was allowed to use PERHUTANI’s land for coffee cultivation.

Processed with a full wash process, this Arabica Coffee typical of Batu Lonceng, Lembang has several unique flavors. This coffee has different flavors such as honey, lemon, hazelnut, and citrus.

Arabica coffee from Batu Lonceng, Lembang is labeled with the name Bellstone Coffee.