WExSUJI Kopi Kolaborasi Petani - Green Beans - Arabica Dhe Topidi, Gowa

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Topidi Village may still be unfamiliar to some people because this area is located in remote areas of Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi.

As an area right at the foot of Mount Bawakaraeng, the contours of the land tend to be tilted and make the village of Topidi fertile with various types of coffee plants, one of which is Kopi Topidi as a single origin from this area.

The problem of coffee cultivation in Topidi Village is quite complicated. There was a time when coffee farmers used instant methods when they wanted to sell the coffee beans they planted.

This is done by giving a chemical liquid to the coffee beans that are still green so that the red picking process can take place more quickly.

In fact, the farmers of Topidi Village still have a limited knowledge and yet to know how to master various appropriate cultivation techniques.

Seeing this problem, SR Madaga was moved to help local farmers by providing assistance in the form of education so that their skills and insight were more advanced and developed.

The cultivation system was finally shifted to doing natural processes and avoiding green picking in order to maintain the quality of the Topidi coffee beans as a single origin from this village.

Topidi coffee has a balanced blend of sweet, sour and bitter tastes.