WExSUJI Kopi Kolaborasi Petani - Green Beans - Arabica Kerinci, Kayu Aro

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Kayu Aro is located at the foot of Mount Kerinci. Mount Kerinci is the highest mountain on the island Sumatra. Having an altitude of 3,805 masl, with geographical conditions surrounded by dense wilderness, it is not surprising that this area is one of the coffee producers in Jambi.

Coffee cultivation in kayu Aro was originally a government program. Then after a while the coffee farmers in Kayu Aro began to grow in terms of numbers.

Besides being well known for its vegetable cultivation, it is hoped that coffee cultivation can develop Kayu Aro as a coffee commodity in Jambi.

Tumino, a man from Jambi province, was originally a vegetable farmer. The village government program, which held the distribution of seed groups, was the beginning of Tumino’s interest in becoming a coffee farmer.

Tumino’s coffee is naturally processed and has an interesting taste with a distinctive blend of tropical fruits, chocolate and nuts.

His hope is that the price of coffee can increase, so that coffee farmers do not give up on working in the fields.

Hopefully the stories of local coffee farmers and coffee from the archipelago will be widely known.