WExSUJI Kopi Kolaborasi Petani - Green Beans - Arabica Ngabab, Malang

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The highland area of Pujon, Malang is one of the villages which is dominated by vegetable and fruit farmers. Not many people know that in the past, Pujon had a coffee plantation that was quite extensive and produced Pujon’s signature Arabica Coffee.

Many factors affect the residents of Pujon so that currently all coffee fields have been converted into vegetable and fruit gardens.

Starting from the coffee harvest time which is only once a year, the price of coffee that is not competitive, to the limited access of marketing discourages coffee farmers from developing Pujon coffee.

Almost all coffee farmers in Pujon have turned to vegetable farmers, so Pujon Arabica Coffee is quite rare.

Kopi Arabika Pujon managed by Rizal Maulana is one of a handful farmers producing coffee in Pujon.

His Arabica Coffee grows on the slopes of Mount Argo Wayang, about 1400m above sea level. Therefore, he is often referred to as Kopi Arabika Argo Wayang. This coffee has Blue Mountain, Orange Bourbon and Yellow Caturra varieties - three of the world’s leading seeds in one coffee.

This variety is arguably quite unusual for Indonesia because this variety is rare and very expensive.