WExSUJI Kopi Kolaborasi Petani - Green Beans - Arabica Wonosantri, Malang

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Began to engage in coffee cultivation since 2013, making Fathkul Ulum see firsthand the various problems that arise and are experienced by coffee farmers.

However, the main problem stems from the lack of education and literacy on all things regarding coffee and its cultivation system, thus encouraging the buried potential of other quality coffee bean varieties to be better recognized.

His ideas and intention to provide education to fellow coffee farmers was carried out by establishing a Wonosantri Forest Farmer Group

The mission of this farmers group is to make post-harvest processing classes to improve skills of community members by teaching coffee education broadly.

“Currently there are approximately 120 members and 50 hectares of coffee land that we help to process together. Our main focus is indeed on coffee cultivation, but it is packaged with a breakthrough to protect & preserve nature” - Fathkul Ulum

The cultivation system is also carried out while maintaining the balance of nature through a number of programs that promote the welfare of the environment and the surrounding community.

This coffee from Wonosantri, Malang is known as Kopi Lemar.