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Pasrujambe is one of the villages in East Java Regency. The geographical condition of the Lumajang area is at the position of 112° - 113° East Longitude and 7° - 8° South Latitude.

The amount of annual rainfall ranges from 1,500 - 2,500 ml with temperatures in most areas averaging 24°C.

Based on its geographical and topographical conditions, it encourages the Lumajang Area, especially Pasrujambe Village to produce commodities in the coffee sector.

This is also supported because it is located on the eastern slope of Mount Semeru.

Although Pasrujambe is not as popular as other areas in East Java as a coffee producer, the fighting spirit of the farmers to raise the name of their area by producing quality coffee beans is so great.

Seeing this problem, Ign. Valent Gie was moved to help local farmers sell post-harvest coffee beans widely so that the quality of Pasrujambe Robusta Coffee could be increasingly recognized by the Indonesian People.

“The real problem lies in the inability of the farmers to market and determine the target market.” - Ign. Valent Gie

There 2 varieties of robusta coffee that are cultivated, The Tugusari and Bangelan varieties.

The Coffee cultivation process is carried out with an organic planting system. In addition to producing coffee beans with higher quality, it also aims to preserve nature so that it is not polluted by the impact of the use of pesticides.